Give your service personnel a competitive edge
Mobile field personnel are probably the people in your service organization who have most customer contact – iSMART is the tool which gives them the edge on your competitors. With the resource management facility offered by iSMART, the market’s leading optimization tool, you can support your mobile field personnel with real-time information that enables them to provide better service while using fewer resources.
Eliminate those manual paper flows
With iSMART’s order handling facility, your service personnel avoid having to type in data manually, which in turn minimizes the risk of information being misinterpreted or quite simply going missing. Service organization procedures are automated, personnel can access up to date information exactly where they need it, and invoicing can be speeded up.
Give your customers better service
Real-time information through iSMART’s job administration facility enables service personnel to respond faster to priority calls, and gives access to historic data, special agreements, and so on. Customers can also be kept continuously updated on job progress. Quick access to information for all parties is essential when satisfactory service performance is a must – every time.
iSMART helps service companies to achieve:
Improved utilization of resources
Faster invoicing
Enhanced customer service
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